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Our interests go  beyond the world of beauty — from custom coffee and tea, to original Spotify playlists and a local sustainability documentary, check out the  passion projects  we've been excited to get a chance to develop.


In a collaboration with Caffe Vita, we've developed a single-origin, farm-direct coffee from a farmer's collective in the YUS Conservation Area in Papua New Guinea.

"This coffee was grown under native shade in the gardens of those who have pledged their land for conservation."

North American salons interested in stocking our coffee wholesale can contact Dana Ericsson: dericsson@caffevita.com

Davines and Caffe Vita PAPA Coffee

Davines Music on Spotify

Whether you're listening along in a salon or looking for the perfect playlist for your next gathering, check out the favorite songs of the Davines community.

Listen to the Davines "Salon" playlist
Listen on Spotify to the Davines "Partisan Records" playlist
Listen to the Davines "Caffe Vita" playlist on Spotify


Our partnership with fellow B-Corp Teatulia led to the creation of TETE/tea: a two-pack of green and tulsi teas sourced from a single garden in Bangladesh, and packaged using environmentally responsible materials.

Womena at the Teatulia tea farm in Bangladesh

Tomorrow and The Butterfly

Tomorrow and The Butterfly is a feature-length documentary filmed in six vignettes, that tells stories of sustainability, beauty and diversity from around the world.Through these true stories, we find a common thread in the individual yet collective belief that something truly beautiful and good is possible.The common denominator is Davide Bollati, with his vision of business and brand ethos.

Tomorrow and the Butterfly Davines documentary

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